Saturday, April 4, 2015

 Anthakarana means inner most heart and Darshan means special seeing. It is a Sanskrit word that literally means special seeing in the heart.
 It is a special seeing where seeing, seen, and seer all the three become one. This will never be possible in outside seeing. Outside by the nature of the thing always breaks everything in three, so ONENESS is only possible in the inner most heart of human being. This is what we are all longing for.

  In Mythology of ancient India, this is expressed and explained in many ways.  One of them is that once upon a time one demon named Tripura (Tri means three and pura means the place, physical, mental and emotional) was creating suffer for all the being. So Goddess came in the form of Shakti and killed him, therefor her name became Tripura sundari, the beauty after killing three.

 The GOAL of Yoga, Tantra and all the spiritual system is a bath in Sangam ..... Sangam means where the three become one, where ida, pingala and susamana, Ganga, Yamuna and Sarswati meet and become one.

 This is why third eye became so important in spirituality because special darshan only possible by third eye, our physical eyes are not capable of it.

 In India many people always put mark over the third eye to show its spiritual importance and value.

 Anthakarna - this word means not inside. It is not like a bag which has outside and inside. We think this world and body is outside and thoughts, emotion, imagination, dream and fantasy are inside. In truth they are also outside. In our interior nothing can enter.

 There is only one being there, we can name it as we like, because it has no name and we can make any form, because it has no form.

 In that interior darshan happen. That is Anthakarana darshan and suddenly there is light and joy spread in our life.

 Why Anthakarna Darshan --- Life is one energy. There are not two lives watching each other. This life energy is studied by many systems ; Yoga, Tantra, Tao, Sufi and Zen.

 They all have their own unique way to see the life issue and to solve it. If somebody try to study this all systems almost all his life get finished and there is no time left to enjoy it.

 Anthakrana darshan is created to save time and energy of human being where they can take healing from all the systems and understand their limitation..

 And the beauty of life is that it always vibrates out of the system.

  Anthakrana darshan  is based on the vision of mystic master Osho. We can not divide life in Monkhood and Householder. Both style of life get utterly failed and responsible for the many problem of humanity. The division of world and spirituality damage us a lot. It is so deep that even in our consciousness get divided .

 First time Osho integrated the system as a path of love and a path of awareness, where individual can enjoy both same time,  Householder  Monk ; Zorba the Buddha. He will be capable of enjoying matter and spirit, body and soul, as oneness of life.



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