BODHI UTTAM has experienced in the field of Meditation and Yoga for 20 years.
Doing workshop last 15 years in japan , India , Europe and open to give courses all over the world.

 Born in Brahamin family(strictly vegetarian and fussy about purification) he got  all the material and atmosphere needed for spiritual growth.

He said two things extremely helped him.
1- till the age of 7 not going to school. I was just living like a wild animal in the village.
2- from age 7 to 21  most of time living in Shiva temple and meeting all kind of saints and sadhu.

At the age of 14 he read BHAGAWAT GEETA and decided experiencing meditation and sharing this to the world is the goal of his life.

Life without meditation is meaningless.

For this like a dying thirsty man he travelled all around India, roaming in HIMALAYA going to many masters and ashrams, meeting Zen masters of japan .

Finally he got quenched by mystic osho.
I wanted just a glass of water, osho gave me whole ocean.

Last 12 years he is living in Pune near osho energyfield.

He did university degree in science , and master degree in journalism.

Studied  at Bihar school of Yoga and  Advanced therapeutic  Kriya yoga at Kaivalyadhama  school.

Sutudied  Zen Counceling and  Zen tarot  and many courses in OSHO multiversity in Pune.


Bodhi Uttam


  1. Great profile.What I have felt is whatsoever may be ur success in the external world,its not at all complete until u have dived deep into the ocean of inner world.Death is the ultimate reality but death of inner self while you are physically alive is disastrous.This is what is happening today to most of the people in the world today.Meditation prevents from above.

  2. yes my dear,
    let us spread meditation together.