Life energy transformation

If you would like to transform your energy at this moment, then you are already in the list of a lucky few.  

What is transformation?

 Transformation is not simply changing or improving this version of you, but it is inviting a new energy in you which was totally disconnected from your old self and past.  

Every moment of this process will bring self-rejuvenation and creation of new self.
So, if you do not want to remain the way you are now, repeating your old habits every day, but become capable of noticing the inner potential and the satisfaction that come in each nook and corner of life, then this group is for you.

Human beings are the last stop of nature. For further evolution, people need to do something consciously. Plant and animal can be improved but only human being has the potential to transform.

It is also our destiny to become transformed.  All the ingredients are already inside us for this process to happen, the key is through meditation.

 Meditation is the only and well tested tool for transformation since ancient times.There are two kinds of meditation – one is based on awareness and the other based on love--- in other words self-remembrance and self-forgetting. These two methods are opposite but not contradictory. They support each other like mother and father to create and give birth to our new being.

 Most of the time we are destroyed and killed by our mismanagement of life's energy. Awareness without love is dry like a monk and love without awareness is dangerous.
We need both of them to obtain balance so that real freedom can happen.  This true freedom we will be able to enjoy.  Otherwise it will remain a fantasy freedom of poets and artists.

 In this group we are going to do meditations based on the awareness and love technique.  Become a master of this subtle difference, then we can use either love or awareness appropriately in different situations in life, so it becomes intuitive to us when and what to remember as well as when and what to forget, enabling us to live in peace with ourselves.  Then mediation becomes real - living in our heart beat instead of somewhere far away in the Himalayas.

 After understanding very well doing meditation the next step of this group is to go into non-doing meditation and simply being meditation – how to be in a meditative space 24 hour is the next challenge.  This is only possible when the difference between The technique of meditation, The meditation  and You  are dissolved  and become one. There remain pure silence as IAMMEDITATION.  After that there is no need to do meditation. There remain pure waiting with deep trust and gratitude in being.  We are pregnant with BUDDHA.....our new transformative energy.  When the right moment come birth will happen and  it brings eternity , infinity and immortality in life. This  is transformation and it open the gate of celebration in life.


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