Q1.   Is it for the beginner or for the old meditator?

---     For the both. Beginner will get right direction and understanding that can save a lot of time , energy and money. Long time practitioner  will find the missing link and blind stop in meditation.   

Q2.   How can I know that transformation has happened?

---     Presence of new energy in the life and glimpse of eternity and infinity in daily life is the proof of transformation. In short, quality of life will be changed.

Q3.   What will be done in this group basically?

---     Understanding and experiencing the inner science of OSHO meditation  and how to use them in daily life. 

Q4.   What system is it based?

---      It uses the system of Yoga, Tantra, Tao, Sufi and Zen to go beyond the system and to understand the benefit and limitation of each system. 

Q5.   How long time will it take?

---     Once the process started rightly it will naturally come to its goal. For each individual it will be different. 

Q6.   Does it have any side effect?

---     No.  It has no side effect. It has been well tested and it has wholestic  effect on life.

Q7.   Why are you doing this group?

---     To save time and energy of the seekers. 


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