Workshop in 2014

29 Nov-14 Dec 
14days meditation tour in Rishkesh and Pune

15 Nov -26Nov
11days awarness tour in Rishkesh

19 Jul
Joy of living workshop in Osaka

 16 Jul
Mystery of Sleep- meditation for good sleep in Osaka

10 Jul - 22 Jul
Tarrot sessions in Osaka

5 Jul- 6Jul
Meditation Camp in Kumamoto

8Jun & 14 Jun
Ancient wisdom of meditation and yoga and tantra in Tokyo

6 Jun - 13 Jun
Tarrot sessions in Tokyo

9 May -11 May
Meditation and Meditation techniques Camp in Kumamoto

Workshop in 2013

5 Oct -6 Oct 
Meditation Camp in Kumamoto

29 Sep
Fragrance of India in Osaka

7 Sep
Mystery of Female Energy in Tokyo

10 & 11 Aug
Meditation Camp in Kumamoto

4 Aug
Mystery of Female Energy in Osaka

27 Jul
Welcom Yoga & Meditation in Osaka


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